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Cultural Consultation

As an experienced cultural consultant, in my professional life as well as in my hobby, I am able to work with you to ensure that your work is appropriate for the broad and diverse audience RPGs reach. 

My lived experience is that of being a mixed race Māori from Aotearoa. I can offer support from this perspective specifically as well as the broader context of being a product and victim of colonization. These are experiences that no amount of research can truly compare to, so if your work strays near such territory I would highly advise you to seek out consultation to help avoid offence. 


My service will see me work with you, to educate as well as collaborate, so that together we can ensure your vision is met in a way that is authentic and respectful to the source material. I'll also assist in decolonizing your work and avoiding appropriation as I see it. Together we can create something truly original yet authentic. 

Developmental Editing

I am able to provide oversight and guidance on your work, be it a module or system, to make sure it is coherent as well as offer suggestions or guidance around your work as it grows. This can vary from talking through mechanics with you to see if they can be improved, to ensuring your intention is conveyed with clarity.  This process is best taken early in the writing process as it helps form a strong foundation for you to grow from. This is always a collaborative process and one in which your vision is respected. 

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