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A Playtest of Sixes

The open playtest of Fistful of Sixes is live! If you want in on it, head here and scroll down and subscribe for my newsletter, where Ill be sending out updates to the playtest as they come through. Have already got a few dozen peeps on there giving me good feedback, so expect changes every several weeks. The more eyes and feedback I can get the better. Its a playtest, I'm treating it as such so am not being precious about any of this. If its shit, feel free to tell me. I'm just here for the wild ride.

So what's the plan with all of this? Well, I'm kind of winging it if I'm honest. I have loose plans to playtest this a bit and get it tighter, as well as add to it with some random tables written by myself, crowdsourced with help from M&B fans and through free lancers. Once things are feeling closer to feature complete Ill engage a proper pass of development editing. I had a developmental editor give it a quick pass after first draft which was super helpful. So plan is to get it looked over properly. After that some line editing is happening. I'm not a great writer. I know this. I have ideas that I can show and explain in person, but whenever I try and put it into words folk need clarification with it. So the plan is for line editors to go through and turn my waffle into something clean that makes sense when you read it. Then onto layout. I have a strong idea of what I want this all to look like. That's a chat for another blog. This stuff will all cost money. I have the ideas but lack a lot of the talent, so intend to hire folk to make it a thing. I generally work best in a collaborative environment, so will be nestling in with some other great creators to make it all happen. To pay for this all I am strongly looking at Kick Starter at some point. But if you have ideas around other means for raising funds I'm all ears. Have had Ko-Fi suggested but I dunno if thats really worth it. Hopefully the end result will be a good demonstration of the Blackjack system with a cool stylistic layout and fully random table based setting design tools for emergent gameplay. Fingers crossed anyway!


Feedback so far has stated that the explanation of the core mechanics could be clearer, so I will be writing that (again) and add some examples. I want to get the wanted tables all sorted out too. In the meantime here is the PDF for v0.1. Take a look, enjoy. Let me know what you think. Cheers Liam

A Fistful of Sixes Playtest V0.1
Download PDF • 177KB

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